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New Painting - "Resurrection of Hope" 16" x 20" Acrylic on canvas.


Upon finishing his painting of Jesus carrying a child through the ruins of a war torn country the artist sliced his finger with a small pen knife and signed his name in blood.


In an instant, the artist felt a surreal tug, his surroundings warping and dissolving around him. Colors bled and lines blurred as the canvas he once painted upon now enveloped him entirely. His senses were confused by a whirlwind of impressions—a scent of dirt mingled with the pungent smoke of conflict, sounds of distant cries, and a warmth, soothing yet unfamiliar.


He found himself standing amid the desolation he had just depicted—a forsaken land scarred by the ravages of war. Disbelief overwhelmed him as he gazed at the vivid portrayal now brought to life. A gentle breeze carried with it the weight of sorrow and resilience.


Amidst the rubble, a figure approached, unmistakable in its serene demeanor. The very depiction of Jesus, cradling a child, now embodied before him. The child's eyes held innocence marred by the hardships of this simulated existence.


Without uttering a word, the divine figure extended a hand, silently inviting the artist to partake in this living testament of his creation.

Driven by an force, the artist stepped forward, feeling the pulse of the painted world resonating within him. A bond of unspoken understanding linked them all—artist, subject, and setting.


He became a spectral observer and a participant simultaneously, woven into the fabric of the painted reality.


His senses recognized the agony and the unwavering hope of the depicted scene. Each brushstroke that once comprised the artwork now manifested as a tangible element of this surreal existence.


The artist realized his role, not just as an observer, but as a catalyst for change within this painted realm brought to life. A fusion of the real and the imagined, where art and life intertwined in a spectacle of human empathy and creativity.

Resurrection of Hope

$600.00 Regular Price
$360.00Sale Price
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